Tips For Obtaining A CPAP Machine To Treat Your Sleep Apnea

If you have been diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea, your doctor may recommend that you use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine while you are sleeping in order to control your symptoms. Your doctor will then write you a prescription for a CPAP machine, and you should start sleeping more soundly once you begin using it. Many people who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea don't know what to expect after their diagnosis and as their treatment begins. Continue reading to learn more about the process of obtaining a CPAP machine and using it on a nightly basis.

Contact a CPAP Supplier

A CPAP machine is not something that you can simply buy in a store or randomly order. In almost all cases, you will need a prescription from a physician in order to get a CPAP machine. Luckily, there are many reputable companies that provide CPAP machines after they receive a prescription. After receiving your diagnosis and prescription, you will need to get in touch with a CPAP supplier to coordinate the delivery or pick up of your machine. It is in your best interest to begin this process as soon as possible after your diagnosis so you can enjoy the benefits of a better night of sleep.

Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Luckily, most insurance companies will cover some or all of the cost of a CPAP machine, since it is considered a necessary medical device. However, before you order a CPAP machine from a CPAP supplier, it is important to review your health insurance policy. If you want to pay as little out of pocket for your new CPAP machine, you may need to opt for a CPAP supplier who is currently contracted with your health insurance company. Most health insurance companies have a list of contracted suppliers online, but if you have any questions, it is worth your time to make a phone call to the insurance company so you don't make any costly errors when selecting a CPAP machine.

Explore Your Options

If you currently do not have health insurance, or if your health insurance policy doesn't provide coverage for medical devices, that doesn't mean that you're out of luck. If you have sleep apnea, it is in your best interest to use a CPAP machine, whether you have insurance coverage or not. In this type of situation, you may want to explore online CPAP suppliers; there are many available that offer CPAP machines at affordable prices for those without insurance.

For more information, contact a CPAP supplier.