Helpful Tips For Selling Your Diabetes Test Strips For Cash

If you have diabetes, there is a chance that you have plenty of test strips on hand. If this is the case, you might be thinking about selling some of them for cash. After all, you might have more test strips than you can possibly use before the expiration date, or you might have test strips for a testing system that you no longer use. No matter why you might be planning on selling your diabetes test strips for cash, you will probably find the following tips to be pretty helpful.

Avoid Opening the Box

If you have already opened the boxes of test strips that you are hoping to sell, then you should know that you can possibly still sell them. However, you will probably find that it's much easier to find cash buyers for test strips that have not been opened yet, and you will probably get paid more for those test strips, too. Therefore, if you haven't already opened your boxes of test strips, you may want to avoid doing so.

Choose a Company That Will Pay for Shipping

If you find a website that will buy your test strips for cash, you should check about whether or not they will charge you for shipping. There are companies out there that pay for the shipping costs. If you would like to get as much money for your test strips as possible -- and if you want to avoid having to shell out any money for shipping before you even get paid for your test strips -- then you should consider looking for one of these companies. Some companies will even send you the packaging materials and labels that you need for shipping out your diabetes test strips, making it as easy as possible for you to sell your diabetes test strips for cash.

Find Out When and How You Will Get Paid

If you are selling your diabetes test strips for cash, you might be hoping to get the cash as soon as possible. Some companies will send you a check, while others will deposit the money in your bank account. You might want to inquire about when and how you will get paid so that you will know what to expect in regards to your payment.

Keep the tips above in mind when selling your diabetes test strips for cash. Soon, you might be able to get rid of test strips that you don't need, all while putting a little money in your pocket.

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