How To Choose ERP Software For Your Medical Device Manufacturing Facility

Running a medical device manufacturing facility is not easy! There are many obligations and responsibilities to juggle on a daily basis, from overseeing employment to maintaining the machinery. One way to help simplify the job is to start using ERP software — or enterprise resource planning software. ERP is used across a wide array of industries, so how do you choose a software solution that is right for your medical device manufacturing facility? Look for these qualities.

Built-In Analytics

Some industries may not rely heavily on analytics, but in the medical device manufacturing industry, you are almost certain to need a lot of analysis. You don't want to have to spend hours running calculations by hand or plugging numbers into separate analysis software. An ERP with built-in analytics will make things so much simpler for you. You should be able to pull up charts and graphs with a few clicks of the mouse. Review the analytics that each EAP offers and compare them to the analysis your company usually runs. Make sure the two line up.

Friendly Interface

One of the benefits of running ERP software is that everyone in your organization can use the same platform, which promotes a sense of unity and understanding between departments and positions. However, since employees in some departments may be less tech-savvy than others, you need to make sure the software's interface is simple and easy to use. If you're really tech-savvy yourself, you may not be the best judge of this. Consider asking some of the less tech-savvy employees to join you in evaluating different ERP software options so you can get their input on the interface.

Specialized Implementation Guidance

Switching over to ERP software can come with a bit of a learning curve. Most software companies will send out a rep to help guide the transition and educate your employees. Before you choose a certain software, ask how much experience these reps have with working in medical device manufacturing, in general. If the reps have implemented the ERP in other similar plants in the past, you can count on a smoother experience and a simpler integration overall.

ERP solutions can greatly simplify the everyday dealings of your medical device manufacturing plant. However, not all software is created equal. It's worth putting the time into evaluating all the different software options and choosing the one that's best for your business' unique needs.