Lymphedema Treatment With Compression Leg Sleeves: Common FAQs

Lymphedema is caused by some type of disruption or blockage of the lymphatic system. Normally, this system helps to pull out excess byproducts that show up as fluid within the body. A disruption of the lymphatic system can be caused by anything from surgery and cancer treatment to certain medical conditions. The 8-chamber full leg sleeve is a medical device that may be used to help with lymphedema. 

How does a compression leg sleeve work for lymphedema?

Wearing the compression leg sleeve as directed works by encouraging lymphatic fluid to move out of your leg and out into the rest of your body. Once the fluid is compressed out of the leg area, the fluids will usually be broken down, absorbed, or otherwise processed by the functioning parts of your lymphatic system. Of course, this process may not happen all at once, which is why many doctors will recommend wearing the compression leg sleeve garment intermittently for brief periods each time. 

What is the difference between a 4 and 8-chamber full-leg sleeve?

The number attached to the medical device is in regards to how many chambers of air the leg sleeve actually has. So, for example, the 8-chamber leg sleeve garment is going to have eight chambers that swell up with air when the device is in use and a 4-chamber model will only have four. The value in having more independent chambers is the sleeve can better mold to the shape of the leg or can be adjusted with air in specific chambers to target fluids that have collected in specific areas. For instance, if the fluid has pooled primarily under or around the knee, the device may allow you to inflate the chambers around the knee first. 

Can you buy a chamber compression leg sleeve garment for yourself?

If you have consistent problems with lymphedema, your doctor may recommend that you use an 8-chamber full-leg sleeve several times a week and perhaps on an ongoing basis. While the sleeve is not normally a long-term treatment option, the leg sleeve may be the best plan for someone who has ongoing issues with lymphedema. Not effectively relocating the fluid so it can be processed by the body can have dangerous implications for your health. You can buy these sleeves through most medical supply companies and your insurance may help cover some of the costs if you have a documented medical condition. 

Reach out to a medical supplier, such as VasoCARE, LLC, to order a leg sleeve.