Top Things To Think About When Purchasing Mammography Patient Gowns For Your Patients

If your medical facility performs mammograms or other similar testing, then you might need to purchase patient gowns for your customers to wear when they visit your facility for testing. You might be ready to place an order for patient gowns as soon as possible, but you should put a little bit of time and effort into ordering the right patient gowns. These are some of the main considerations that you will probably need to have in mind when you are placing orders for mammography gowns.

Patient Privacy

One thing that you should think about when purchasing mammography patient gowns is whether or not those gowns offer as much privacy for your patients as possible. Choosing patient gowns with panels and ties that are designed with privacy in mind can help you ensure that your patients feel as well-covered as possible.

Patient Comfort

Not only will you probably want to make sure that your patients have as much privacy as possible when wearing their gowns so that they can feel as comfortable as possible while they are in your office, but you will probably want to think about their physical comfort as well. Look for patient gowns that are made from soft fabrics that will be comfortable for patients who might have to wait a little while before having their testing done.

Proper Size

You probably have patients of all different shapes and sizes in your office, and you will need to make sure that you have patient gowns that will fit all of your patients without any issues. Therefore, you should consider looking for patient gowns that are adjustable so that they can accommodate patients of all different shapes and sizes, or you should consider buying gowns in a few different sizes so that there will always be an option on hand for each patient who needs a gown.

Convenience for Technicians and Physicians

Of course, the whole point of asking your patients to put on a patient gown when they come in for testing or other reasons is so that physicians, technicians, and other healthcare workers in your facility are able to get access to perform tests on your patients. Therefore, you should make sure that the patient gowns that you purchase are designed with this in mind. If your office does mammograms, for example, you will probably specifically want to look for mammography patient gowns, since they are designed with this type of testing in mind.